If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and be as the noonday.

HaTikva Project was born out of a passion to see the Jewish people reached with the Gospel. We provide aid to many Israelis in various capacities with the ultimate goal of seeing many put their hope in Yeshua. True hope is rising in the land of Israel. HaTikva partners are on the frontlines with us declaring that the salvation of Israel is near. Join us to be a voice of hope in Israel.


We are pursuing opportunities to work with some of Israel’s leading foster agencies to provide another emergency shelter home to the nation. Our goal is not only to purchase a home and make it available, but we also desire to train a believing family from our network to become the house parents and to support them in every way possible as they quite literally receive the orphan in the name of Yeshua.

The HaTikva Circle is made up of individuals, churches, and organizations with the capacity and vision to fund HaTikva Project initiatives through annual gifts of $5,000+. This extraordinary group of leaders demonstrates extravagant generosity and compassion through the underwriting and sponsorship of HaTikva Dental, Aid, and Families projects. We would be honored to have you join this distinguished group as you steward your resources and influence to relieve the suffering of the poor and abandoned in Israel.

HaTikva Partners give to needy Israelis, particularly widows and orphans, through their compassionate and generous support. Responding to the cries of the oppressed and poor often tells more about the love of Yeshua than words can. Join us to share His love in Israel today.