We believe that caring for “unwanted” and orphaned children is a mandate for the global Body of Messiah and one of the highest expressions of the Gospel. At HaTikva Project we feel specifically called to encourage and equip the Israeli Body of Messiah to take a leading role in caring for such children in Israel. As such we are launching a new initiative focused on the promotion and facilitation of adoption and foster care in Israel called, “HaTikva Families”.

Currently there are on average 40,000 abortions performed annually in Israel as opposed to 300 successful adoptions. We plan to address this startling reality in the following ways.

We will recruit and equip couples and families to host, foster, and adopt through conferences, seminars, and public education. These families will include those inside and outside the community of believers.

We will initiate and finance national media campaigns to raise awareness for the vast need of support for disadvantaged children. We will also highlight the large number of couples who desire to have children but cannot, and pro-mote adoption as an alternative to abortion. These campaigns will present success stories of adoption and foster care, which we believe will cause the Israeli public to view the issue in a new light and change the current cultural apathy and negativity towards adoption.

We will equip couples to be successful host, foster, or adoptive parents and prepare them to accept a new child into their home, while also providing financial and relational support.

We will work with various agencies to promote the benefits of Messianic Jewish families adopting Israeli children – specifically for those children that are considered “without religious status”.

We will partner with other Israeli nonprofits that have similar goals by lending support and sharing our media initiatives so that we can fight for the rights of children together. We plan to become an implementing organization for foster care as a private agency approved by the government.

We envision HaTikva Project spurring and facilitating a national movement that will see the Israeli Body of Messiah take a leading role in seeking true justice for the orphaned, unwanted, and unborn children of Israel.