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Supporting Foster Families during Wartime

April 25th, 2024 |HaTikva Families

HaTikva Families had the privilege of visiting one of our foster families in the southern region. Bringing along some gifts, we cherished the opportunity to spend quality time with them. Amidst the unsettling backdrop of sirens and explosions nearby, we were amazed by their resilience and courage in facing the challenges of the ongoing war. Despite the initial fears regarding the war, this family has embraced their new reality and found comfort in the knowledge that God is their ultimate protector. As we engaged in playful activities together, we witnessed the power of play in alleviating fear and fostering connection. We encourage every family to prioritize moments of play, as it not only provides a sense of safety but also serves as a therapeutic outlet for processing emotions during difficult times. Your support allows us to be there for families like this one.

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