HaTikva Aid supports believing families facing unprecedented times

June 24th, 2020 |HaTikva Aid

Covid-19 and the resulting economic shut down has been hard on our country but has been even harder for those already experiencing financial crisis. Thankfully, HaTikva Aid was able to step in and lend a hand to believing families facing unprecedented situations during these unstable times.

Since the beginning of mandatory government closures at the beginning of March, through the end of May, we provided:

  • A year’s worth of grocery coupons for five single mothers from the Negev.
  • Financial aid to help remodel a family home to meet the needs of their disabled son per the recommendations of their health care provider.
  • Two months of rent for a single mother and her two small children after being abandoned by her husband.
  • Legal fees for a foreign mother abandoned in Israel so she can fight to receive child support.
  • Financial support for a single mother of three struggling to overcome debt and gain financial stability.
  • Financial aid for a new immigrant in Jerusalem who is unemployed due to Coronavirus, beset with debt, and caring for her elderly, widowed mother.
  • Financial assistance to a family of four in Jerusalem to pay off a municipality debt that would allow the seizure of their bank account.
  • Three months of rent subsidy for a widow unemployed due to Coronavirus.
  • Financial aid for a disabled woman undergoing chemotherapy who was overwhelmed with debt and unemployed due to Covid-19.
  • Financial aid to a family of 15 that is struggling to pay for their most basic needs.
  • Financial assistance to a family of three facing loss of income and accumulating debt from the COVID closure of their small business.

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