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Hannah's Story

May 16th, 2024 |HaTikva Dental

Hannah is a 62-year-old refugee from Ukraine. While living in Ukraine, she underwent her first heart surgery, after which she decided to have a second one here in Israel, where her sister lives.

She traveled to Israel right after the war broke out in Ukraine and has been here as a refugee since. She is a professional farmer who knows everything about fruits and vegetables. She had everything in her home in Ukraine, including land, animals, poultry, a house, and a car.

She lost everything as the frontline of the war approached her village. She recalls her good memories in Ukraine, and every time she thinks about her home, she can’t hold back her tears.

Hannah cannot work here in Israel, and walking is difficult for her because of the pain that remains after her second surgery and the pain in her knees from years of farming.

A while ago, Hannah encountered a store run by believers in Tel Aviv that offered free clothes and accepted Yeshua as her Savior. She expresses that she felt angels were helping and supporting her since that moment.

Hannah was so grateful to learn about HaTikva Dental and the team of professional doctors who could help with her teeth. She began coming to the clinic, where two of her wisdom teeth were extracted. She was afraid that the antibiotics after the procedure would hurt her heart, but she says that God did a miracle, and the day after the extraction, she was already pain-free.

What an awesome God! Hannah experienced the staff's kindness and thanked the Lord for His protection and provision. She is hopeful to one day be able to return to Ukraine and restore her war-damaged home.

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