December 5, 2012October 28, 2016

November Blog

Dear Supporters, I am so amazed at the rapid expansion of HaTikva Project and I want to thank you at the beginning of this letter. It is because of your giving and partnership in obedience to the Lord that we are able to serve so many in Israel. All over the country there are people...

October 19, 2012October 28, 2016

October Blog

Dear Friends, We are back in Israel after a month and a half in the USA. I am very pleased to say that it was the most successful speaking tour to date on behalf of HaTikva Project. The Lord has truly been generously blessing us as we seek to meet the needs of the poor...

September 19, 2012October 28, 2016

September Blog

I have the pleasure of writing this update as I sit in the office in Denver, CO. We are currently half way through a 6 week trip in the States focused on raising funds for HaTikva Project. Each time that I return to the U.S.A., I am once again confronted by the reality of how...

August 29, 2012October 28, 2016

August Blog

The coming month is shaping up to be extremely pivotal in both the future of HaTikva Project and the Nation of Israel as a whole.  With regards to HaTikva Project, my family and I will be departing on a 6 week speaking tour in the States where I will have the opportunity to share with...

July 18, 2012October 28, 2016

July Blog

There are many updates that I wish to share with you this month. First of all, as we have watched the news over the last few weeks it has become clear that our greatest fears regarding the political situation in Egypt have come to pass. The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with a long history of...

June 20, 2012October 28, 2016

June Blog

This past month the Lord granted me a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel. As you know, HaTikva Project’s foundational purpose is to build up the Body of Messiah in Israel. To this end we target the bulk of our donations. However, we are passionate as well about the salvation of Israel. A young believer...

May 29, 2012October 28, 2016

A Thank You Note from a Grateful Recipient

לכבוד, אוון לוין, פרויקט התקווה, [email protected] אחים ואחיות יקרים באדון, אני רוצה להודות לכם מקרב לב על העזרה הכספית שבירכתם אותי בה, עזרה כל כך חשובה עבורי ולבריאות שלי. הטיפולים שאני עוברת כל שבוע בתרומה שלכם עוזרים לי להתחיל לחזור לבריאות תקינה וליכולת לתפקד כאם וכאישה בבית. אני מודה לאדון על האירגון שלכם והברכה שאתם...

May 17, 2012October 28, 2016

May Blog

Every year during this season we celebrate Israeli Independence Day. We come together to remember how on May 14th, 1948, Israel once again became a nation. For those of us who cherish God’s Word, it is a yearly reminder that God is at work fulfilling His ancient prophecies. “For I will take you from the...

April 25, 2012October 28, 2016

April Blog

As we enter into the season of Passover we once again have the Lord to thank for protecting his people. The last month was a difficult one for us here in Israel as many cities in the south of the country were forced to endure a week’s worth of rocket fire from Gaza. Many friends...

February 29, 2012October 28, 2016

March Blog

It has been quite an eventful month here in Israel. In the media, there have been many credible sources openly stating that Israel is teetering on the edge of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. An attack of this nature, while very likely necessary, would also possibly plunge the region into a large conflagration. On a more...