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Through HaTikva Aid we provide direct financial support to Israeli believers who are experiencing financial crisis. We meet the day to day needs of widows, single mothers, and families experiencing extreme financial hardship throughout the nation of Israel. By pairing our financial aid with the support of local congregations and financial counselors we are able to see breakthrough in the lives of many believers.

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Dear Evan Levine and HaTikva Project,

To begin with, I want to than you from the bottom of my heart for you generous help. Evan’s pleasant and understanding way of interacting with made me feel comfortable to speak about my personal problems and financial struggles, which ordinarily I do not share with many people. Even if you were not able to help at all, my conversation with Evan made me feel encouraged without feeling as though I was being judged. Please continue to see the needy through the eyes of Yeshua as you do! As a result of your aid, I am able to continue with my university studies that I had to stop in order to help my parents financially. I am also able to save money now so that I can get married in September. For the first time, I my hard work can do more than simply pay back my debts. Thank you so much that you allowed me to be freed from my yoke and continue on with my life! May the Lord bless you!

Dear HaTikva Project,

Allow me to express our gratitude to you and all of your supporters. We are humbled by your strong commitment and abounding love. You, our friends, reflect the faithfulness of God and we do not take this bond for granted. We want to express our utmost appreciation for both the act of giving and the manner in which you give. You always bestow an attitude of honor, which blesses us beyond what words can describe! The support that you gave has provided needy families with essential items like food, toiletries, clothing and more. This life saving support was used to help pregnant women going through our pro-life program, single mothers in our congregation, and very needy members of the Ethiopian Jewish community…. -A.T.

Dear HaTikva Project

We are so blessed from our international brothers and friends that are so open to help us here. My wife and I went through a legal ordeal for almost 13 years. A tragic accident took a life of a close friend of mine and left me broken and desperate for forgiveness and a sense of meaning in life. I was at the end of my rope so to say. Shortly after I miraculously met an Israeli believer who mentored me and lead me to the Lord Yeshua… The legal process following the accident took a great financial toll. We lived in minimal conditions, yet debt was still inevitable… I just want to thank you as your gift saved us financially in one of those months that we just didn’t know how buy food and provide for other basic needs for us and our 4 children. –C. O.

Dear Brothers in Messiah,

We gratefully received your recent gift to help us provide school supplies and books for needy Israeli children. We know that we are called to be those that bring the light of God to His Land and you are helping to make that possible. -S.B.

Dear Friends,

It is with earnest gratitude that I thank you for your gift. When I see the new babies who have been born at our pro-life pregnancy center each month, or hear their mothers on the phone, I realize that we have actually saved lives. They are not statistics or numbers – they are special children created in the image of God. Lives that we couldn’t have saved without your help and the help of many other caring people. The battle for the lives of the unborn is fierce. Adam, Gaya, Avia, Tohar, and Tahel are just some of the babies born last month who thank you for helping them LIVE! -S.S.

אוון לוין,
פרויקט התקווה,

אחים ואחיות יקרים באדון,

אני רוצה להודות לכם מקרב לב על העזרה הכספית שבירכתם אותי בה, עזרה כל כך חשובה עבורי ולבריאות שלי. הטיפולים שאני עוברת כל שבוע בתרומה שלכם עוזרים לי להתחיל לחזור לבריאות תקינה וליכולת לתפקד כאם וכאישה בבית.
אני מודה לאדון על האירגון שלכם והברכה שאתם עבור מאמינים כמוני בארץ שלנו, מתפללת שהאדון ימשיך לברך אותכם ושתמשיכו לעשות את עבודתו נאמנה.

בברכת האדון


To Evan Levine and HaTikva Project,

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the financial help that you blessed me with. Your help is so important for me and for my health. The treatments that I am receiving every week thanks to your donations are helping me to begin to return to full health and to function as a mother and a wife at home. I thank God for your organization and the blessing that you are to the believers like me in Israel. I am praying that the Lord will continue to bless you and that you will continue to perform His work faithfully.

In the Lord’s blessings,

T. R.