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Serving Israel's underserved communities with excellence

Affect Change in the Nation of Israel

Affect Change in the Nation of Israel

In this season of softened hearts (Ezekiel 36:26), we have an opportunity to boldly move the Body forward by meeting the practical needs of the nation through excellent service in Yeshua’s name.

Now is the time to support Israel with immediate, accountable, and effective service without compromising on proclaiming the gospel.

A Humanitarian Organization that Makes a Difference Everyday

23% of Israel’s population lives below the poverty line

HaTikva Aid

HaTikva Aid helps many Messianic believers each year experiencing acute financial crisis. Practical aid paired with proper vetting ensures financial support is used in the most beneficial way for the individual or family. HaTikva Aid, in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality, serves the elderly with in-home visits, hot meals, and practical support, while providing companionship and prayer.

More than 50% of Israelis cannot afford the dental care they need

HaTikva Dental

HaTikva Dental operates as the first and only Messianic non-profit dental clinics in Israel. As the only organization in the country providing excellent full-service, heavily subsidized treatment to the needy, local welfare departments continue to refer patients to us, while understanding our open statement of faith.

10,000 children have been removed from their homes by the Ministry of Welfare - only 25% are in foster care

HaTikva Families

HaTikva Families equips families to respond to the orphan and vulnerable child crisis in Israel through adoption and foster care and encourages the Israeli Body of Messiah to take a leading role in this effort. We guide couples through the government-run approval process for adoption and foster care, provide ongoing support to foster and adoptive parents, and train families and professionals in trauma-informed care. Additionally, we own an emergency shelter home for young children at-risk in Israel.

Sharing the Hope of Yeshua Through Practical Action

Our mission is to effectively minister to underserved communities in Israel with excellence, in the name of Yeshua. Since our founding in 2009, we have strategically expanded into various sectors of Israeli society in order to provide practical care and give hope to those who are lacking.

Make a House a Home

Everyone Deserves a Place that Feels Safe.

HaTikva Families has purchased our first emergency shelter for at-risk children! Become a prayer partner and support us as we work to create a safe-haven for orphaned children in Israel.

Ministry You Can Trust

You love Jesus and love Israel too. So do we!

You should have peace of mind knowing that your financial commitment will be used effectively and for a purpose.

Practically Impacting Lives in Israel

HaTikva Project Makes a Difference -- Daily
Care and Compassion

April 19th, 2023

Etenesh is a New Immigrant From Ethiopia After Moving to Israel by Herself

Celebrating Healing & Hope with Katrina

April 19th, 2023

HaTikva Families Recently Had the Honor of Hosting a Zoom Event

A Helping Hand

April 19th, 2023

Every Year, HaTikva Aid Provides Crucial Assistance to Numerous Messianic Believers

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