Sport Day for Foster Children

Passover is an exciting time in Israel. Children have Seders in their classrooms, families are
spring cleaning to remove all the crumbs from their homes, and the entire nation is
preparing for time off with family and friends to celebrate our exodus from Egypt. However,
for children living in group foster homes all over Israel, the two weeks of Passover vacation
can be a daunting break from routine and stability. Every year, Orr Shalom Foster
Organization hosts Passover camps for these children to give them a fun, enriching vacation
experience. This year, we had the privilege of coordinating a sport day for foster children
and youth at Orr Shalom’s Passover camp in the south of Israel. HaTikva Families volunteers
planned and prepared fun, team games that encouraged friendly competition, built team
spirit, and developed connection between teammates, counselors, and our own volunteers
and staff. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day or a more vibrant and excited
group. They embraced us, laughed with us, and were deeply touched that we not only came,
but that we engaged with each and every child.

The HaTikva Family Sport Day was a special opportunity to serve these children and counselors
and show them with the love of Yeshua in action. We are blessed that our relationship with
Orr Shalom is thriving and look forward to future opportunities to serve at-risk children and
the organizations that support them.