Testimony of our impact in Heath’s life

Heath AshToday we heard a beautiful story… One of our dental patients’ names is Heath Ash.  He made aliyah from South Africa 8 years ago.   He doesn’t have any family here in Israel but he loves it here.  A few years ago, he bought an insurance policy to be able to pay for his dental treatments with the hope of getting all the care that he needed.  To his surprise, when he went for treatment they did a very poor job and ruined his teeth. It caused him a lot of pain and to lose many of his teeth.  He cried out for help, but nobody would listen.  Other dentists told him that he had a treatment plan that cost 50,000 NIS and that was after a supposed 70% discount.  He could not afford that so he was desperate!

He then spoke with his sister that lives in the US and she said to him, “Heath, I found this dental clinic in Jerusalem is called Hatikva Dental, call them and check it out”.  He did and he came for a checkup and received a treatment plan that was affordable for him.  He shared with us that from the first time he came, the doctor gave him answers, was kind to him, and spoke with him in a language that he could understand.  As of now he is working two jobs to be able to cover our extremely discounted treatment and he is very, very happy to come to Jerusalem to receive our dental treatment.

We explained to him that we are Messianic Jews who want to demonstrate Gods’ love and impact the people around us.  He looked at us in amazement and said, “I am so happy that my sister found you! I come happily every week to Jerusalem all the way from Tel Aviv for my treatments.  People don’t understand why I come to Jerusalem so happy.”

He encouraged us to share his story with our supporters as he said, “To thank them is the least I could do.”

We could feel his gratitude from the depths of his heart.  We blessed him as he left and he went out with a very big smile on his face.