HaTikva Dental: 1,000 Treatments

August 2016 Update

Dear Friends and Supporters

HaTikva Dental Clinic

As of this month, HaTikva Clinic, our boldy Messianic, non-profit dental clinic in Jerusalem, has performed over 1000 treatments! That amounts to 1000 opportunities to provide compassionate care in the name of Yeshua to Israeli’s many of whom have never personally met or interacted with a local, Messianic believer. Things are going better than we could have hoped for. God is good.

Holocaust survivor who received dental assistance


As we see the Lord’s favor on our dental ministry we sense that we should begin investigating the possibility of expanding. We are currently discussing and praying about a few opportunities to bring an “HaTikva Clinic” to the northern section of Israel in order to serve and reach even more. At the same time we are watching the revenues generated by our paying customers start to underwrite around 25% of the overall operational budget of the Jerusalem clinic. We hope that this clinic will become self-sustaining in the near future.

In addition we have opened a scholarship fund which will allow 6 believers to receive education and enter the field of dentistry. Here is just one face of the many of those touched by our clinic. This man is a Holocaust survivor who received a crown, a filling and a cleaning free of charge. With so much going on on the dental side, please don’t forget that we are still one of the leading providers of direct aid to Jewish believers in Israel struggling with poverty.


To be totally honest, we need to broaden our base of monthly supporters in order to expand and fulfill all that God has set before us. We are confident that He will meet our need. Perhaps you could be a part of the answer? Please consider signing up for a monthly donation to HaTikva Project.

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