Scholarship Fund to Put Israeli Believers Through Dental School

June 2016 Update

Shalom Dear Friends

We are a few weeks before our annual trip to the States for networking, vision casting, partner building (and a little rest and relaxation with family). I’ll be in Harrisburg, PA; Dallas, TX; The Los Angeles area, Kansas City, Louisiana, Denver, and possibly a few other locations. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you!

We have also announced this week the official opening of a scholarship fund designed to put six young Israeli believers through dental school. We see an important future for the Body of Messiah in the dental field in Israel and are leading the way towards preparing our youth to take part in it.


Recent Recipient

Z. is the father of 4 children. After some recent health issues he and his wife and children were forced to move back in with his mother in order to make ends meet. The government did not initially provide the financial support that he deserved as a result of his illness and they had to hire a third party to bring legal action in order to be properly compensated. We have helped by paying for that third party’s services which will greatly aid in getting this family back on their feet.


Our summer trips are expensive but ever so necessary for the building and maintaining of strategic relationships. Giving away scholarships to dental school isn’t cheap either as you might imagine. This month I want to challenge you to move from being a passive supporter of HaTikva Project to an active one. Please join not only our prayer team but also the team of individuals who facilitate our work through committed giving!