New Partnership with the Jerusalem Ministry of Welfare

May 2016 Update

Dear Partners and Friends

It is amazing how much God is blessing the work of HaTikva Project. This month we established a new partnership with the Jerusalem Ministry of Welfare. We invited them into our clinic and explained that we are here to help in Yeshua’s name. They were thrilled to partner with us and as I sit here typing we are receiving multiple new patients through their referrals. Let me repeat, the Department of Welfare in Jerusalem (a government agency) is happily partnering with a Messianic Jewish ministry and sending us patients. What a joy!


Recent Recipient

S. began a battle with cancer 8 years ago. She has gone into remission 3 times and had the cancer return 3 times. Before she became ill she worked as a stage director but has been unable to continue due to her physical state. She works part time for her congregation but her monthly income doesn’t match her basic expenses. In a year she will finish paying her mortgage and then will be in a better position. We are helping her to bridge the gap and ensure she can continue to keep up with monthly expenses.


I feel like God is about to exponentially increase our capability to minister and start new projects here in Israel. I have so many plans in my heart that I believe the Lord will use us to establish. Please continue to pray for us, to give, and to share our work with your friends and congregations!