Dear Friends

Passover is almost here. The kids are on vacation from school, the traditional cleaning of houses of all leaven is in full swing and the weather is heating up. That’s
all good. Unfortunately we also just experienced the first bus bombing in Jerusalem in many years. Please pray with us for an immediate end to the violence.


Possible Partnerships

N. made Aliyah in 1998 with two children. Both of her children suffered from medical disorders and were confined to wheel chairs and fed with feeding tubes. Her first husband left her to fend for herself. The government didn’t assist her properly and kept putting her in housing with many stairs which made it very difficult as a single mother of two wheelchair bound children. After many, many struggles she arrived at a financial situation where she could not work as all of her incoming wages were garnished. We were able to pay down enough of her debt to free her and allow her to return to work.


This week I had two promising conversations – one with the manager of the largest dental charity in Israel (not run by believers) and one with the Jerusalem welfare department. Both organizations are excited about the possibility of partnering with HaTikva Clinic to help meet the dental needs of the disadvantaged. Please pray for many new doors to open for the sharing of the Gospel.

As always, it is your faithful giving that allows us to continue to serve the Lord in this capacity. Please continue!