Shalom Dear Friends

I unfortunately have to open this letter with a prayer request. Over the last several months the terror attacks on our nation have not ceased. We seem to be in the very center of chaos as we live and work in the Jerusalem area where most of the attacks are occurring. Last week a security guard whom we know personally was savagely attacked with an axe and left for dead in our shopping mall down the street from our home. He is still hospitalized and fighting for his life. Today as I write this I drove past the scene of another attack involving a firearm on my way to our clinic. Please pray for the Lord to strengthen our resolve, surround us with His angels, and put an end to these attacks!

E and T

Recent Recipient

E. and T. are leaders of a small Messianic congregation called Tree of Life in Jerusalem. In September E. was involved in a serious car accident. He had to go through two operations and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. He is still undergoing various treatments and is unable to work. The loss of his income has put the family in great financial crisis. The congregation they lead doesn’t generate enough income for them to live off of. HaTikva Project has stepped in to help them through this crisis.


I have big plans in my heart from the Lord. Plans to expand, plans to build, plans to heal the hurting and make the name of Yeshua famous! One of the many plans is to begin providing scholarships to believing young people who would like to become dentists or hygienists in order to begin expanding our reach into the field of dentistry nationwide. With your support we can do this and so much more. Please consider giving a financial gift to HaTikva Project.