Dear Friends,

As 2015 draws to a close it gives us opportunity to look back on what has transpired. So much can occur in 12 months. This year brought with it many positive notes and some new challenges. The vision of the dental clinic which we began championing 2 years ago has come to fruition. The staff of HaTikva Project has grown significantly. We have continued fulfilling our commitment to meet the needs of the poor Israeli believers and have served many who were downtrodden. It has been a good year.

Personally our family experienced some challenges and some triumphs as well. For example, I continue to grow into a leadership role in our local congregation and we were able to purchase our first home this year. Elisa is now working in her field of dental hygiene, and on the mission field! We have faced the challenge of terrorism and some recent health struggles of mine. Through it all God is faithful!

Security Systems

Recent Recipient

Located in the heart of Jerusalem there is a Messianic Kindergarten that many in our community send their children to. The location is sensitive as it is quite near the area where the majority of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem have occurred. We felt that it was important to take prudent measures to ensure, to the extent we are able, the security of the children and staff. The Kindergarten was unable to finance a necessary security system upgrade. HaTikva Project provided the entirety of the funding.


Now is the time of year when we consider the generosity of the Lord to us and think of those who have less. Please strongly consider giving a generous year end gift to HaTikva Project. We are well equipped to turn your finance into real-life blessings for the needy and fantastic evangelistic opportunities for the lost. Israel needs friends like you. Thank you for standing with us.