Dear Friends,

What a year it has been! I can’t believe the way that HaTikva Project has grown in 2015. Did you know that we now have 5 employees? One of the many benefits of our growth has been the creation of jobs (that pay fair wages) for 5 local believers. This amazes me and gives me great joy.

The last month of our lives in Israel has been by far the most difficult challenge we have walked through as a family. I am struggling to come to grips with the new reality which I wake up to every morning. This is due of course to the recent wave of terror attacks against Israelis. There have been at least 7 terrorist attacks along the route of my morning commute in the span of 3 weeks. Most of them have been stabbings and the terrorists have been quickly subdued or killed. There have also however been two incidents involving explosives. In both, no Israeli’s were hurt, praise the Lord. I ask each of you personally to please pray for the safety of my family and for all of
Israel. In the midst of all this, the Kingdom must move forward.

Security Systems

Dental Care for Holocaust Survivors

The dental clinic is opening so many doors for evangelism. We have been partnering with a ministry that re-habilitates drug addicts, many of whom accept the Lord, to treat those they minister to. Through another partnership with two Messianic ministries, I was recently invited to speak to a group of 35 Holocaust survivors and invite them to our clinic for care. We are also one of two officially recommended clinics for the Ministry of Welfare in the city we live in! All of these partnerships are in place without us compromising the witness of the Gospel or hiding the fact that we are Messianic believers. I’m amazed by this as well.


I believe that it is time for the Messianic Body in Israel to come out from the shadows and lead. I believe that we can excel in medicine, politics, philanthropy and many other areas. The dental clinic is part of the realization of this vision. One of the most senior Messianic leaders in Israel called the clinic, “a breakthrough for the Israeli Body of Messiah.” I have vision for great expansion of our impact as the Lord would provide the financial means. Please be a part of all that God is accomplishing through HaTikva Project by partnering with us in giving.