Dear Friends and Supporters,

The holiday season is upon us here in Israel as we celebrate Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot all in rapid succession. Everyone you meet wishes you a sweet, happy and blessed new year and I pray that you will have one as well. The sweetness of the new year has been marred by a mini-wave of violence in the Jerusalem area mostly consisting of Palestinian’s throwing rocks and fire bombs and passing vehicles. The government is currently enacting new rules of engagement to help neutralize the threat. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


T. is a single mother of one. She made Aliyah from the Former Soviet Union ten years ago. She has been working since her arrival in Israel as a seamstress which was her learned profession. While she works very hard, she is only able to earn around $1100 a month. This is about a third of what a family needs at a minimum to get by in Israel. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the potential to earn more. We were able to help her by providing around two months extra salary for her. She will need more help in the future.

T.’s story is reflective of so many families that we help in Israel. So many Jewish people, Jewish believers, have left behind the land in which they were born in order to be a part of the miraculous, prophetic restoration of the Nation of Israel. God has promised us a land flowing with milk and honey. You can play a role in providing the blessings for those returning to Zion through your generous giving to HaTikva Project.