October 8, 2014October 28, 2016

September Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters, It’s good to be home! After two months of traveling we are back in Israel and returning to our normal routine. Eliad is in kindergarten and Yehoshua is pulling up to a stand already. The country itself has also gone back to day to day life after the cessation of hostilities...

August 26, 2014October 28, 2016

August Newsletter

Dear Friends, We are in the midst of a very busy summer of speaking and traveling. As of writing this we have finished half of the itinerary. The kids have managed well (minus a few meltdowns ☺ ) and our time has been anointed and fruitful. At the same time, our hearts are pained by...

July 15, 2014October 28, 2016

July Newsletter

Dear Friends, We are currently in America for our once a year fundraising trip but I want to share with you something that happened right before we left Israel. We were invited to the home of an Orthodox family for Shabbat dinner. We connected with them as we both have two boys and both of...

June 13, 2014October 28, 2016

June Newsletter

Dear Friends, We are officially pulling out the suitcases and starting to pack for what will be a 2 month journey in which we will be crisscrossing the United States. How are we going to pull this off with two children in tow? God’s grace is sufficient. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for safe,...

May 28, 2014October 28, 2016

May 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends, I want to begin with a brief encouraging story. Jewish believers are gaining more and more acceptance in Israeli society. Recently, a young Messianic Jew currently in the military’s officer training program was given an opportunity to present on a topic. This happens regularly in the course. He chose to present on the...

April 15, 2014October 28, 2016

April Newsletter

Dear Supporters and Friends, Passover is here! Slowly the signs of spring’s encroachment are building to a crescendo. On the way to a meeting the other day I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture of this beautiful field in full bloom just outside of Beit Shemesh. Israel really is a beautiful land. Recent...

March 10, 2014October 28, 2016

March 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends, We are adjusting to life as a family of four quite well. Elisa and the boys are all doing well. What a joy it is for me to hold one son in each arm at the same time! We are also turning an eye towards the planning of our next trip to the...

February 21, 2014October 28, 2016

February Newsetter

Dear Friends and Supporters, I am very happy to announce the birth of our second son, Yehoshua (Joshua) Nadav Levine. Yehoshua means God is Salvation and Nadav means generous. He was born on January 29th, 2 weeks past his due date but in God’s perfect timing. I am so extremely grateful to have become a...

January 6, 2014October 28, 2016

January 14 Newsletter

Dear Supporters, Happy 2014! We thank God for the privilege of having another year in which to serve Him. I’ll begin the year with some personal updates. Elisa and I are excitedly awaiting the birth of our second son. By the time you receive this letter he will most likely have made his entrance and...

December 10, 2013October 28, 2016

December Blog

Dear Partners and Friends, As 2013 draws to a close I am quite thankful for having had the opportunity to serve the Lord in such fulfilling ways through HaTikva Project. Helping the needy and building up the Kingdom of God is a calling on all of our lives. Although I am the one on the...